April 26, 2011

Crash Test Dummy

When I bought my mixing board and the last of the necessary recording gear in January, I thought my next CD would be ready for release by the end of April. I can now confirm that this is most certainly not going to happen. We are now four days from the end of the month (which beats being four days from homeless) and just last night, after several hours in my home studio, I achieved what will henceforth be called The Sound. Learning to play guitar, write songs, and perform them flawlessly is a daring feat. Learning to record and mix said music is like performing a miracle, considering my nearly non-existent knowledge of the principles of sound and electronics. However, after fiddling with the mixing board and multiple pieces of software, I believe I have finally found The Sound I've been looking for. For which I've been looking. Whatever.

The product of... 6? hours in the studio last night was a test track with guitar, vocals, and harmonizing vocals. I also messed around a bit with harmonica and percussion, which turned out pretty well also.

The test track will now fulfill its only mission by being played through computer speakers, car speakers, cheap headphones, and a high quality sound system as well. It will be like the crash test dummy of Mp3s.

And then, FINALLY, I will be moving forward with actually recording real tracks, with real songs, and turning them into a real record. Hallelujah.

April 25, 2011

What I'm Listening To...

Inevitably, the music I listen to finds its way into the music I write. Reminds me of the saying, "Bad company corrupts good character."

However, these musicians and bands are very good company.

Artist -- Favorite Track
Mumford and Sons -- Little Lion Man
Jones Street Station -- The Understanding
Dead Models -- Step Aside
Joey Ryan -- Permanent
Katie Costello -- How Do We Know
Pretty and Nice -- Tora Tora Tora

Go. Listen. Support. It's good stuff.

Video #2

I'm still finding my way around on YouTube (and in the software used to record videos, for that matter), but I've posted my second video. It's pretty laggy -- operator error, I believe -- but minimize the window and just listen and it's not a problem.

Thus, I give you: Salt and Pepper (Oh Suzie).