May 8, 2009

Vaso de Vino

It turns out strep throat can really do a number on your vocal cords. It's been a couple weeks since I was sick, but I'm still fighting the urge to cough when I sing.

And that should be all the encouragement you need to make you want to come hear me play at Vaso de Vino Wine Bar & Market tonight at 8.

Vaso is one of my favorite gigging spots, and not just because it's the only place that'll have me right now! Good lighting, good acoustics, great wine and great art on the walls make this place a fantastic spot to meet with friends and open up a great bottle of wine. Oh, and there's live music.

If you can't make it tonight, I'll be back again on May 22nd. And if you don't want to hear me and my swine flu vocals, there are some other great musicians that play on Saturday nights and alternating Fridays as well. Basically it's just a sweet place and well-worth a visit.