September 15, 2009

Studio (de)construction

I spent a good chunk of Saturday afternoon criss-crossing the town of Hendersonville to raid every pawn shop and thrift store for studio construction items. In my travels, I happened across a great little place on King Street called Antidote, where I'll be shopping for some sound-reducing fabrics for the walls sometime next spring.

However, in all my chaotic running around (which was primarily a result of not planning my route before getting in the car), I found only one item on my "to-buy" list.

Thankfully, the item was the first one necessary for starting the deconstruction of the current space -- a prybar. And I got it for just $3, which puts me $12 under budget already.

So even though I probably spent $5 in gas, I'm still under budget, which is a great way to start the project. Let's just hope it lasts...

Now I'm just counting down... 15 days until I tear into the walls and begin work on my recording studio!

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