August 10, 2009

Studio sketches

I'm still working on the research phase of my plan, but I thought it was time to post a couple sketches of what I'm envisioning.

At some point, I hope to remember to take a picture or two of the current space, but here's the layout:

In the next sketch, you'll see a little more of what I'm going for, but this shows the layout of the space, for starters.

I'm not great with dimensional drawing, but it's a good start, I think. Although now that I've uploaded this sketch, I realize I never finished coloring in the wall and sound panels on the right. Oh well!

My plan is to do wood floors (possibly bamboo?), with optional roll-out carpets for sound-deadening when needed. I hope to build the desk by hand, and I really would like to use some recycled materials in this space. I'll likely buy the furniture at a re-sale shop of some kind, and I want to use some unconventional materials in other ways, although I haven't figured out how just yet. Feel free to post suggestions.

I think I'll make it my goal to begin construction October 3.

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