July 31, 2009

Building a Studio: Research and Development

When I first decided to build a studio, I thought, "I'll just put some foam things on the garage walls and ceiling and buy a half-way decent computer. Maybe paint the walls and stick a comfy chair out there."

But ohhh I am so naive. Or, I was. After watching a dozen videos and reading about fifteen articles on how to build a home recording studio, I now I have a MUCH better idea of the project I've decided to tackle.

My first clue that this wasn't going to be as simple as I first thought was when I started watching a video on how to build your own studio and the guy starts rambling about insulation and z-channel and soundboard and AC units, and I'm sitting there with the same expression that my dog gets on her face when I try to explain... um, almost anything. The look that so clearly says, "Huh?"

So I did what any reasonable, semi-ocd person would do. I made a list. And several lists within that list. And somehow, I sort of ended up with a plan. Or at least I know what color scheme I want to decorate with.

I've made a couple changes to my original plan, so now I'll be using my 15' x 9' storage shed and won't build a separate sound booth. It will all be one room, which I think will work just fine for me. I've begun researching the materials I'll need (tools, supplies, etc.) as well as hardware and software for the actual recording process. I realize I'm not a sound engineer and I have a lot to learn, but I love learning and mostly I'm just very excited about having a space that is dedicated to music and completely sound-proof.

I hope to post pictures of the current storage shed very soon. And maybe even the sketch of the future studio.

If anyone has tips on how to make this a more successful endeavor, please leave a comment. Thanks!

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