February 26, 2009


All right, so this blog is going to function as a home for Amy Burritt music. Sure, there's a website. Sure there's an iLike page. Sure there's a MySpace. But this is where it all comes together.

Find upcoming shows, news (please let there be news to report someday), and other stuff. If you have suggestions on what other stuff you'd like to see, just say so. I may or may not listen. But give it a try anyway -- I certainly don't have any brilliant ideas.

Mostly I'm excited about having an easy way to post new gigs. And maybe someday someone will come to one of them. And maybe that someone will be a record company exec. And maybe that exec will like what s/he hears. And maybe THEN I'll have some news to post.

Until then, grab a friend and come and enjoy some free music (so far I've only played at one place that charged a cover) and have some food and wine.

Hope to see you there!


Anonymous said...

You should make a music video. And then post it.

Jen said...

Will you buy the wine?

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